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FAQ (Blinds)


25 Sep FAQ (Blinds)

Frequently Asked Questions About Blinds

In this post we will explore the frequently asked questions about blinds.
Question 1: Can blinds be washed?

Blinds are designed based on the idea of low maintenance whereby washing is not required at all. So it is perfect for those who are sick of spending a considerable amount of time in cleaning their window coverings.

Question 2: How to clean & maintain blinds?

Generally, every product requires cleaning in order to maintain and extend the useful life of it. For example, cars need to be washed and serviced on a regular basis so that it could be driven for a longer period while looking new. This is the same with blinds. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keeping it new and functional. Blinds that are well taken care of will last for decades.

Cleaning the blinds is very easy. Here are some ways on how to clean the blinds:

  • Run the microfiber duster from top to down
  • Vacuum it with a soft brush attachment
  • Wipe it with a slight damp cloth

As for the frequency of cleaning, it is recommended to do it at least once a month. Immediate cleaning is required if there are stains on the blinds fabric. Spot-treat the spots by dabbing it with a damp cloth.

Question 3: Will blinds easily collect dust?

In general, blinds do not easily collect dust as compared to curtains. What this means to you is that your house will be a more hygienic place to live in which is better for your health.

Question 4: Will blinds occupy a lot of space?

Definitely not! It’s sleek and modern in design, thus it does not take up much space. If you have limited space in your house blinds will make the space less cluttered, giving you more room for comfort and relaxation. If you are going after a minimalist design to decorate your house, blinds are definitely your top choice.

Question 5: Can blinds be customized?

Absolutely yes! Customized printing is possible with certain blinds fabric. If you are thinking of installing blinds in a commercial setting, you may print your company logo on the blinds’ fabric for branding. With this not only are you able to shield your premise from the scorching sun, you can also create brand awareness.

As for residential setting, this provides you a great avenue to personalize your room.

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